Premier Acoustic PA-120 Titanium Subwoofer
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Premier Acoustic PA-120 Titanium Subwoofer

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Powered Subwoofers are designed to bring out the low end bass response found in DVD movies or music. Huge explosions, dinosaurs walking or just bass guitar and drums, the PA-120W is designed to reproduce these sounds perfectly. The alignment of a large 12" polygraphite woofer, and a built in 650 watt amp makes this sub fill any room with powerful clear bass. We have given you even more control over the way you tune your subwoofer. An adjustable crossover to custom set the frequency response, a volume control to set the output and an auto on/off switch to power on the PA- 120W as soon as that bass hits your sound track. All these features make the PA-12W one of the strongest powered subwoofers on the market today.


12" Active Subwoofer

Frequency Responses: 24HZ-20KHZ

Warranty: 5 year Warranty

Color: Black

Sensitivity: 85DB 1 Watt 1 Meter

Product Details:
Product Weight: 60.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 14 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 14 customer reviews )
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5so far so goodJan 09, 2010
By Curtis D "cd10"
I have this sub matched up with my Polk TSi main speakers. I really like how the speaker match beautifully with the Polk's. One thing I really like about this sub is the variable phase control. It is something I never really thought about until after I got the speaker. It allows the speaker in be in phase with the main speakers, no matter where they are placed in the room. If it is in the front of the room with the main speakers, then it would be set at zero degrees phase. Along the side, somewhere between 60 and 120, and on the back wall it would be 180. There are a few subs that have a switch that doesn't have any control and most have a switch that goes between 0 and 180. I compared this sub to the BIC F-12, and the Acoustic Audio HD-12. I ended up with this sub because of looks, value and the number of positive reviews in various audio forums. Is this going to blow the doors off a $1300 sub? No, but it is a much better sub than you will find for the same price at your local big box.

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5my pa120 review... dual subsJun 16, 2009
By jaejw1 "jaejw1"
for the money this is the best sub to be had... very accurate reproduction of sound for both music and movies.. i have a very large space for my room and a single pa120 did very well.. and now that i have dual subs its just awesome.. my subs are barely on and they sound great.. everyday im amazed at the sound quality of my subs.. WAR OF THE WORLDS played unbelievably well i dare not turn the volume up too loud.. every movie i have in my collection has surprised me... and my music i play is at regular listening levels, not blasting... either as background music or for critcal listening


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5One of the Best Subs under $500Jan 30, 2014
By J. Stateham
Well I finally decided on a budget sub and to help out those of you who haven’t yet, I decided to submit a subjective, non-scientific, non-technical review. There are no SPL numbers, charts, graphs or other scientifically objective measurements present in this review and the technical jargon will be kept to a minimal. What I will offer is an honest review and look at what is a relatively unknown brand and product while leaving the technical stuff to the pros.

The Company
So who is Premier Acoustic? Apparently Premier Acoustic is the “in house” brand of Sound Distributors, a small private Las Vegas based audio company. Sound Distributors sells exclusively online through their website as well as through an eBay storefront (and Amazon). A few other websites resell some of the Premier Acoustic product lineup though the pricing seems to be consistent regardless of the site you purchase from. The one exception would be Sound Distributors’ eBay storefront where they offer free shipping on the PA-120, which on a 60lb package, could be considerable savings.

The Product
The PA-120 Titanium is the latest offering in subs from Premier Acoustic, the major difference seeming to be the driver. While the old PA line used Klipsch-like gold coned drivers with convex black dust caps, the new Titanium series utilizes a solid silver cone with a matching concave dust cap. The Titanium series looks much more modern and sophisticated in my opinion. The specs of the PA-120 are exactly the same as the older PA-12W except a slight difference in weight- the 120 being a few pounds heavier. Both subs use the same 200w amp and the dimensions of the cabinet are virtually identical. The two subs look completely different however due to the drivers and the fact that the 120 employs the more standard (signature?) gloss black top with the front, center chamfer cut. The 120 definitely is the better looking unit of the two. Both models have an MSRP of $599 and share most of the following specs:

Driver Size: 12” polygraphite driver with foam-rubber surround
Sensitivity: 85db
Impendence: 8ohms
Power: 200w RMS / 650w Peak
Frequency Response: 24-200Hz
Dimensions: 12W = 19”H x 14”W x 19”D / 120 = 19”H x 14”W x 18”D
Weight: 12W = 56lbs / 120 = 60lbs

Unpacking the Unit
The PA-120 comes in a large full color box wrapped in plastic and packaged in soft foam. Included in the box is a warranty card, a Premier Acoustic product brochure, an instruction manual, an inline fuse, a decent length RCA cable and 4 sticky-backed foam-rubber feet. Looking at the product line actually made me curious enough to check them out online and I must say, the PA-6 Titanium series looks nice. Back to the PA-120, besides the disappointing stick on foam feet, the sub looks very impressive. The gloss top (and bottom) are good quality and overall the fit and finish of the unit is very good.

Build Quality
The PA-120 gets an A grade here. The black gloss top and bottom are stylish and the rounded corners and beveled grill make this sub look great. The cabinet is of solid construction which the sheer 60lb weight is indicative of. I had a difficult time carrying this unit up to my 2nd level living room. By comparison, the nearest competitors of the PA-120, the Bic F12 and the tSc T250, weigh only 42lbs and 31lbs respectively. Remember the eD A2-250 weighs in at 58lbs while the Bic VK-12 comes in at 48lbs- both subs costing around 70% more than the PA-120. I did not take the driver out to inspect the internal bracing or check the thickness of the wood, so I guess it’s possible they just stuck a 25lb lead weight in there… The only check against the 120 I had was the cheap sticky-backed foam-rubber feet which came in the box. You got to cut corners somewhere though, right?

The back panel of the PA-120 is pretty straightforward with few surprises. Unlike PA’s competitors, the 120 appears to be equipped with an analog amp rather than a BASH design, which is unfortunate. The 120 has a single LFE RCA input while the Bic F12 and tSc T250 have high level inputs as well in case your AVR isn’t equipped with a sub pre-out. However unlike the F12 and T250, the 120 has a sub out RCA jack as well allowing the addition of a second subwoofer to the system. Also on the 120’s back panel are adjustments for level, phase and crossover as well as a 3-setting power switch (on, auto and off). Another benefit of the PA-120 here is that the phase adjustment is fully controllable between 0 and 180 degrees via a knob while the F12 and T250 simply have a two setting switch. Having the full range of phase settings allows for a side positioned sub facing perpendicular to the main speakers which could benefit some room setups. It is also of note that the PA-120 has an attached power cable while most other subs opt for a socket which accommodates a removable power cable. I don’t think this is a big deal, but it may matter to some.

Power output and frequency response is pretty par for the course in this price range, but I’ll elaborate on them a bit. The PA-120 is rated at 200w RMS and 650w Peak compared to the Bic F12 at 150w and 475w and the tSc T250 at 250w and 1000w respectively. So the 120 seems to split the difference here both in RMS and Peak Power. The 120 splits the difference again in frequency response, hitting 24Hz while the F12 bottoms out at 25 and the T250 at 23. However some tech-savvy 120 owners have claimed the sub actually hits 23Hz before dropping off so you may be able to squeeze a little extra bang out of your buck here. The drawback again for the PA-120 is the absence of a BASH amp, so the unit will probably draw more AC power and put out a bit more heat.

Sound Quality
Please note that I did not have an F12 or T250 to do a direct comparison for sound quality. My only reference was an old Logitech Z-5500 180w 10”PC sub which obviously won’t offer too much competition. This section is just my subjective listening tests and will not be laden with numbers. Furthermore, I will post an update to this section once the sub is fully broken in as many have noted different performance after a period of time. The PA-120, like all subs needs some dialing in and tinkering to match your room, AVR and preference. I like bass, lots of bass, so I tried a few locations in my room (which is 18x15x8) with 3 or more surfaces to bounce the sound off of such as a corner and behind furniture. I ended up liking behind my chaise near the right rear corner with the sub facing the same direction as my mains (phase set to 0), but I may still try a few more locations. I set my AVR (H/K 254) sub level to 0db and set the 120’s level to 8- a bit higher than some people. I also did not attach the feet that came with the sub, instead opting for a DIY version of a “hybrid” sub riser (more on that later). Overall the PA-120 was adequate for music but came into its own during movie playback.

I tried a variety of music styles and genres and the 120 was capable in producing good sound for each. Personally I prefer a sealed sub for music listening so I’m a little biased against the PA-120 in this regard. I like tight, punchy bass drum hits and the 120, while no slouch, was not able to clearly define and articulate these notes. Rap and hip hop probably play the best on this sub, but I don’t listen to much of either. Rock sounded good, but not superb, again due to my preference. The 120 did not drown out the mix at all, in fact there were times where I felt I needed a bit more power in the sub department. There’s definitely a reason why some people have 500 and even 1000w subs in their homes- you just can’t get enough thump in a system.

Here is where the 120 shines. My testing was only with DVD’s through a PS3 as I didn’t have any Blu-rays available at the time. I will be sure to throw some BD’s in for the update. I watched clips from Iron Man, Mission Impossible III and an entire run through of Bangkok Dangerous (which by the way, I wouldn’t recommend). While my previous sub (the Logitech) was fully cranked for movie playback and rated at 188w RMS, the 120 easily bested it, which I expected. What I didn’t expect was for my wife to be so impressed. The sequence in Iron Man where Tony goes on his first mission was outstanding. The jet engine roars were deafening with my AVR set at -15db. The gun fire was robust and the explosions, oh the explosions. At that point I backed up the disc to the Jericho missile test site where Tony shows it off. Here, even with my sub lifted a good 2” off the floor my whole room rattled. I’m not a father yet, but I imagine that’s what it will feel like… M:I III was then put in and I loaded the bridge scene. Here again the 120 did what it does best- roar. The gunfire from Tom Cruise’s G-36 was very impressive and the missiles from the drone were spectacular. The whole sequence was a treat to watch. Bangkok Dangerous on the other hand was pretty blah on every level- but that wasn’t the sub’s fault. Glad that was a Netflix rental and not seen in theaters…

I can’t complain for $200 (price has gone up since then). Especially since the 120 will be used primarily for home theater. It produces enough thunderous bass to satisfy, and at times even exceed, my desire for an external pacemaker. While music lovers may be slightly disappointed, for home theater this sub is amazing- second only to the BIC PL-200. My recommendation for music lovers would be a HSU or the aforementioned BIC. For home theater guys, this sub will impress you. My biggest gripe with the PA-120 is the lack of a BASH amp as after even just a few minutes of play, the unit is already pretty warm. Overall I am quite pleased with the unit and am looking forward to more tinkering, tweaking and getting it broken in.

UPDATE: After nearly 5 years the sub suddenly stopped working. Premier Acoustic was great and even though the sub was out of warranty, they gave me a great deal on a brand new PA-120. Great customer service!

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5Sounds and "Feels" Great!Mar 26, 2010
By D Sullinger
Quick Review: This sub preformed far beyond my expectations. I'm very happy after moving from a Polk to the PA.

Details: I find that this sub provides the hard hitting bass I was looking for to produce clear and crisp music, yet at the same time it does a great job letting you "feel" the bass in movies. I have it mated to an Adcom 700 Receiver. The first DVD I plugged in was Star Wars III. The THX demo at the beginning just about bounced all our pictures off the wall, yet it didn't make my stomach feel sick from rumbling bass. I was planning to purchase a Klipsch 450, but after reading the reviews at various AV sites and the specs on the PA-120, I felt I wanted to check into PA more. I called the phone number at their website on a Saturday to ask a couple questions. I didn't know they were closed, but it forwards the phone to an employee's home. They were very nice and willing to talk. They pointed me to their Store site at [...] which allows you to pay via Amazon. The peeps at Sound Distributors were really nice and a great place to purchase from.

I've had it for a few days now and I would recommend the sub for anyone.

As a side item, the Cherry wood on the sides is real. I was pleasantly surprised, but not the reason I bought the sub.

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5excellent sub!May 02, 2009
By riley
this is a great sub. it plays very deep and acurate. sounds good with both movies and HT. i have the whole Premier acoustic line for my HT and am very pleased. definately recommended!

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